Photo of me kneeling down next to bright green grass in a garden, there is a wooden fence in the background. I am wearing a white Halo pride short sleeved t-shirt and white ripped jeans, my left arm is exposed showing me Halo glyph tattoos. My hair is the focal point of the photo, being a mixture or bright colors. Orange, Green, Yellow and Pink.

Web Development

Working in web design for over 20 years and in professional web development for over 10, I found my niche as a prototyper. Operating in between the realms of design and development to make ideas come to life, running quick iterations on design changes and adapting to fluid requirements.

I've explored a variety of technologies over the years, but nothing compares to the simplicity of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Photograph of the multi-monitor setup I use in my home office, which is largely surrounded with Halo collectibles. Centre top is a large Samsung monitor, below is a Halo Xbox Series X. Either side of the Xbox is a laptop and additional monitor. All screens have a Halo image showing. Top left and right are studio monitor speakers on a shelf along with some Halo collectibles. On the bottom the photo are various Halo mouse mats, a mug, Halo Xbox controller and a midi keyboard and mixing desk.

Community Moderation & Management

Working with communities and helping to build fun and safe environments is passion of mine. I've been moderating and helping to manage communities in a voluntary aspect for over 20 years, working with companies like phpBB and Xbox. It's a challenging role to fill but can be very rewarding.

Since 2016 I have been a part of the Community Moderation team for Microsoft's First Person Shooter game: Halo. Helping to enforce Xbox and Halo Community Guidelines on forums and live streams, develop and provide guidance for fellow moderators, built various web tools to assist in moderation duties and assist in managing social spaces like Discord.

Macro shot of the head and chestplate of the Darkhorse Halo Infinite Master Chief statue.

Gaming and SME

I'm a gamer, I have been all my life and will be for the rest - from the first time I got my hands on an Atari when I was a kid, to last time I pick up an Xbox controller. My love of gaming and, in particular, the Xbox Community has only grown over the years.

Through my hard work and enthusiam on the community side of Halo, I was forunate enough to be invited to programs like Halo's Forerunner Council - a small group of people from a variety of gaming, streaming and community backgrounds who were brought together in secret to provide feedback on Halo Infinite before the game launched.

An incredible and rewarding experience that provided invaluable insight into the world of game development, experience which I put to good use at every opportunity.

Photography on Flickr

In my spare time I spend a lot of it taking photographs, capturing little moments in life. I share some of my best on Flickr.

All photography used on this site was taken by me.

Web projects

Some of the personal projects I have worked on.

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